Wired Triangle at Dreamforce

October 13-16


Wired Triangle is in San Francisco this week! Our team will be at Dreamforce 2014, ready to meet with customers and peers at the largest software conference in the world.


We’ve got some exciting activities going on this year as well. We put together a “Connected Car” demo for the Product Showcase in the Salesforce Campground. Scroll down to read more about where our team will be presenting this year, both sessions and demos.



Connected Car Demo


We’ll have a presence right in the middle of the Salesforce Campground (the Product Showcase in Moscone North), where Salesforce has put together a few demo stations related to the Internet of Things. One of them is a connected car demo, which builds upon a proof of concept put together by our CTO, Matt Welch this past spring. In short, devices such as Automatic allow for vehicle telematics data to be captured by apps written on the Salesforce1 platform. This is just one of many ways that Salesforce can be connected to the physical world to create value for both customers and companies, and we’ll have a fun demonstration of a hypothetical solution involving drivers, good and bad.


Amber Boaz

Salesforce Consultant


Amber is presenting three sessions this year. Each one is going to be great.


Salesforce CSI: Uncover What Was Previously Built

Need to get up to speed fast on what was built in your company’s Salesforce instance? Learn how to find out what was implemented, deployed, and created when there is little to no documentation. This session is great for new admins starting with a company and experienced admins looking to update their documentation.

Analytic Snapshots: Common Use Cases that Everyone Can Use

Wanting for period-over-period reports? Have you heard about Analytic Snapshots but been intimidated about creating one? Perhaps you’re unsure of how you can best leverage them? Join us to understand the opportunities that the analytic snapshots give, the differences with the historical trending tool, see how simple setting up a snapshot can be, and walk away with several use cases that virtually every organization can take advantage, right away.

Salesforce IRC: A Lighter Way to Get Real-Time Help

You know about StackExchange, the Success Community, and the Developer boards, but what if you need real-time help with a smidgen of snark? The #salesforce IRC channel on freenode.net is a great place to troubleshoot, vent, learn, and meet awesome developers the world over. Join us as we review the highlights (and lowlights) of the #salesforce channel and show you how to join in.



Matt Welch

Chief Technology Officer

Wired Triangle put together a really cool “because we can” demo, hooking a Sonos speaker up to Salesforce1. When a Contact is selected, that contact’s favorite music is played. The demo will be up and running for you to try all week in the DevZone IoT Lab (Moscone West).


Matt will be in the IoT Lab on Monday from noon until 2PM, demonstrating and talking about the hack, and about whatever other shiny things might come up. Be sure to stop by.

Image courtesy of Joshualeverburg1