water_towerWired Triangle is a Durham, NC based business consulting firm, using Salesforce.com and other cloud technologies to automate business process and build custom business applications for mid-market companies. Our clients range across a wide variety of markets, and our projects span many horizontal functional areas, including sales, marketing, service/support, operations, ERP, and finance, and more.  To meet your business requirements, we leverage the latest cloud technologies including the Force.com platform, Heroku, Amazon AWS, Stripe, Twilio, and more.

We believe that in order to be a fully effective partner, our consultation must extend beyond the technical scope of an application development project or CRM consultation/integration effort. Beyond the technical, our collaboration must be inclusive of an understanding of the client business processes.

Identifying inefficiencies and potential improvements to business process allows us to provide a more comprehensive solution that includes but is not limited to your existing application or CRM platform requirements.

Experienced leadership that spans the technical requirements/capabilities and the business goals of an organization allows Wired Triangle to be the most effective and fully capable business partner for your organization.